Nezu Museum / Enjoy Arts with a big Japanese garden ART MUSEUM

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NAME : Nezu Museum

ADDRESS : 6-5-1, Minami-aoyama, Minato, Tokyo MAP >

STATION : Omotesando station by Ginza line, Chiyoda line, Hanzomon line exit A5 (8 min. walk)

TIME : 10:00-16:00

BUDGET : around ¥1000

Nezu Museum is one of the historical Art museums in Japan. Nezu Museum, near the top brand fashion streets. An entrepreneur, and a tea master Nezu Kiichiro's home was renovated in 1941 as a museum to display his private collections.

This historical museum has a great size Japanese style garden and inside this garden have many Tea Rooms and Stone Objects. The garden has a slight slanted design to feel the Four Seasons by the view of the trees surrounding a lake.

Specially in the fall, the scene is fantastic view who many visitors visit just to see the view.




Also the Nezu's collections are Japan and Asian historical arts. Tea Tools, Buddhism Paintings, ink paintings, pottery and many other rare arts. Few of the famous collections are Ogata Kourin's "KAKITSUBATA ZUBYOUBU" which is a national treasure. Which is displayed between April to May.

Also the famous painting of "NACHI NO TAKIZU" from the Kamakura Dynasty period (1192 - 1333) is also a national treasure they have.

In the middle of the great city you can escape in to a very quite secluded dimension. The Japanese experience can be done here where you can experience a different time zone.