Meigetsu-in (明月院) TEMPLE

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NAME : Meigetsu-in (明月院)

ADDRESS : 189 Yamanouchi, Kamakura, Kanagawa MAP >

STATION : Kitakamakura station (10 min. walk)

TIME : 9:00-16:00

BUDGET : ¥300 (May / Adult : ¥500 )

When you visit a quiet mountain temple, a small rabbit will greet you. Along, there is a small turtle viewing the river.

Once you go inside, the trees and flowers displaying the seasons will sure provide a relaxing atmosphere.

This shrine, as the name comes from the moon and there are many rabbit themes inside.




The view from the main building is a very famous site. The view changes as the season changes with different flowers.

Especially in May, there are many visitors coming to enjoy the view.


There are relaxing stores you can enjoy some afternoon tea and amazake in Geshouken. Here you can also enjoy the bamboo hitting the rock with the natural energy using water. This sound and the time feeling is something truly special.




History - Meigetsu-in was founded in 1160 as "Meigetsu-an" by Yamanouchi Tsunetoshi for the repose of the soul of his father Toshimichi, who died in the battle of Heiji the previous year. In 1256, Hojo Tokiyori chose this site for the construction of a Buddhist temple called Saimyoji.