Engakuji (臨済宗 円覚寺) TEMPLE

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NAME : Engakuji (臨済宗 円覚寺)

ADDRESS : 409 Yamanouchi, Kamakura, Kanagawa MAP >

STATION : Kitakamakura station (1 min. walk)

TIME : Mar. - Nov. 8:00-4:30 / Dec. - Feb. 8:00-4:00

BUDGET : Adult : ¥300, Child : ¥100

Engakuji Temple (Rinzai sect head temple) was founded in 1282. That time was Hojo family build a prosperous world in Kamakura. The founder of the temple was the hight-ranking priest, Mugaku Sogen who was a Zen master. He was born in China then invited by Hojo Tokimune.

There are many historical temples within the compound.




That atmosphere is very relaxing the inner man. Also, you can experience the combination with the nature for all four seasons.

They have "Zen Meditation Session" as well. If you have time, it's good to have an experience of Zen culture.


"Early morning zen meditation" is 5:30a.m.-6:30a.m. (April - October), 6:00a.m.-7:00a.m. (November - March) at Butsuden.

"Sunday Sermon" is 2nd and 4th Sunday of the monthes at 9:00a.m. starts. Also, Zen meditation fllows until 11:00a.m. at Hojo.

"Saturday Zen Meditation" is Every Saturday (closed August)
The first-time participants 1:20p.m.-2:20p.m.
The general participants 2:40p.m.-3:40p.m. at Kojirin.

Plese arrive 15 minutes before the session time.

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