Ginkakuji (Higashiyama-Jisho-ji) (銀閣寺 慈照寺) TEMPLE

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NAME : Ginkakuji (Higashiyama-Jisho-ji) (銀閣寺 慈照寺)

ADDRESS : 2 Ginkakujicho, Sakyo, Kyoto, Kyoto MAP >

STATION : Ginkakuji-dou bus station

TIME : 8:30-17:00 (Dec.-Feb. until 16:30)

BUDGET : ¥500 (child : ¥300)

Ginkaku-ji also known as "Higashiyama-Jisho-ji" is registered as a World culture heritage site.

Inside this Ginkaku-ji which has a many Japanese unique culture nuances which amazes many tourist from around the world. Ashikaga Yoshimasa who built this temple in 1490.




One unique view is with the traditional Japanese view inside the temple, there are two unique sand objects, Koegetsu-dai and Ginsha-dan, which the origin of the name, creator are unknown. It is not even known when these objects were created.

Kougetsu-dai is a unique shape like Mt. Fuji. Ginshadan is a sand with wave like shape and with the moonlight reflecting off the sand, it shows a unique lake view with the moon reflecting off the lake surface.


Whether it was created in Edo period or Momoyama period, it amazes many people that this modern form of art was created such a long time ago. Togu-do is known as the oldest existing studies.

The four seasons view surrounding this temple hall shows such a high complex fusion of architecture and the view. Higashiyama Culture surely can be felt and experienced just by visiting this temple.

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