Yogen-in (養源院) TEMPLE

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NAME : Yogen-in (養源院)

ADDRESS : 656 Sanjyusangendo-mawari, Higashiyama, Kyoto, Kyoto MAP >

STATION : Nanajo station by Keihan, then Hakubutsukan-sanjyusangendo-mae or higashiyama-nanajyo bus station by bus (3 min. walk from the bus stations)

TIME : 9:00-16:00 *1/21, 5/21, 9/21 13:00-15:00

BUDGET : ¥500 (child : ¥300)

You can still see the blood stains on the sealing and the paintings of the famous painter "Sotatsu Tawaraya" will overwhelm any visitors.

This famous temple named "Yogen-in" is certainly one temple you should visit upon visiting Kyoto. It is very unique and you may not experience such history before.




During the Warring States period which usually recognized between 1500-1600 which was certainly not a peaceful times. Many war generals and painters are expressing the difficult times and you can feel such history by simply entering the temple.

This temple was built in 1594, but shortly after it was burned down. In 1621, it was rebuilt and the same temple can be seen today. It is said that Tokugawa dynasty which lasted over 300 years all the generals spirits rests in this temple.