Ohanami (お花見) - The enjoyment in Spring EVENT

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NAME : Ohanami (お花見)

ADDRESS : ex) Ueno ko-en : 3 Ikenohata, Taito, Tokyo MAP >

STATION : Ueno station (3min. walk)

TIME : -


In Japan, HANAMI means to enjoy watching Sakura (Cherry Blossom Trees) Year 800, some royal family started this trend.

From end of March to beginning of April, about a week to 10 days are the peak season for Sakura tree (Cherry Blossom Trees).




During this time, all the famous areas with awesome view of Cherry Blossom trees are packed with people gathering under the trees and drinking and eating and enjoying the beautiful view and really embracing of spring coming.

All over Japan there are many famous Cherry blossom spots.


In tokyo, Chidorigafuchi and Nakameguro river's cherry blossom arch are most famous. But, inside parks such as Shinjuku Gyoen, Kinuta Park, Ueno Park and Hamarikyu park are also highly recommended to see.

Even in the city area such as Roppongi Hills and mid-town area, the city have planted Cherry blossom trees and lighting up in the evening.




In the west coast, Osaka Castle park, Banpaku Pare are also famous. Kyoto, Heian Jingu and Arashiyama are aslo very famous spots. It's beautiful to see Cherry Blossom at night as well.

All Japanese look forward on blooming of the Sakura (Cherry Blossom) and it is a certainly a unique season to enjoy the gift of nature.