Hatsumoude (初詣) - A new year wishes EVENT

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NAME : Hatsumoude (初詣)

ADDRESS : ex) Kawasaki Taishi : 4-48 Taishi, Kawasaki, Kawasaki, Kanagawa MAP >

STATION : Keikyu KawasakiTaishi station (5 min. walk), From Kawasaki station, to take a Kawasaki-Rinko-Bus [川23] to Taishi, Taishi station (5 min walk)

TIME : ask


Hatsumoude is a first thing many Japanese people do in the new years. To visit Shrines or temple and wishing for the new years.

Also on this event, many people purchase protective charms, Hamaya a decorative arrow supposed to ward off evil. And purchasing Kumade for good luck or writing a message, goals on a Ema and wishing for a good year to come.




Also many females wear the traditional kimono during this time.

On the evening of last day of the previous year, many people start to visit shrines and temples. Usually Hatsumoude can be done until entire Janurary, but many people visit between Janurary 1 to Janurary 3.


Every year the ranking of such shrines and temples are announced. Every year Meiji Shrine (Tokyo, Shibuya District) and Narita Sanshinshouji (Chiba, Narita City) Kawasaki Taishi (Kanagawa, Kawasaki City) and Fushimi Inari (Kyoto, Kyoto City) are always on top of the list.

Wish everyone a wonderful year!

The last picture is Kyoto Fushimi Inari. The Others are from Kawasaki Taishi.