Tori-no-Ichi (酉の市) at Hanazono shrine EVENT

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NAME : Tori-no-Ichi (酉の市) at Hanazono shrine

ADDRESS : 5-17-3, Shinjyuku, Shinjyuku, Tokyo MAP >

STATION : Shinjyuku-3 chome station (5 min. walk), Shinjyuku station (10 min. walk)

TIME : ask


"Tori-no-Ichi" festival is a held in Ohtori Shrine in Asakusa Tokyo, twice or three times a year. It is also held in any shrines related to birds.

Now, this festival is starting to spread even to the western part of Japan.

You will find many local street shops, selling "OKAME" and other good luck rake's. Also the shrines holding the festival is also provides smaller bamboo rake's with good luck tags with the prayer of bringing in fortune luck.




One interest site is viewing people purchasing these good luck rake's at the street shop with very interesting ceremonial hand clapping.

Many companies and individuals come and purchase these rake's and the larger one's are usually purchased by companies.

Many of the rake's concept is based on eagles claw catching and grabbing it's prey. The concept comes from catching and grabbing a hold on to fortune luck.


The "Tori-no-Ichi" festival is held based on the Japanese Zodian, which is held on the day of the "Tori" which comes every 12 days. Hence, it is held twice or three times depending on the calendar year.

The largest festivals you can visit around Tokyo area are "Ohtori Shrine", "Hanazono Shrine" and "Ookunitama Shrine".

The picture is from Hanazono Shrine. Definitely worth a look.