Bun no suke chaya / Try this Warabi-mochi - Kyoto JAPANESE

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NAME : Bunnosuke-chaya (文の助茶屋)

ADDRESS : 333-3 Kiyomizu 3-chome, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Kyoto MAP >

STATION : Gion-shijo

TIME : 10:30-17:30

BUDGET : ¥1000

If you are in Kyoto and you want to try “WARABIMOCHI” this is the place to go. It is walking distance from “KIYOMIZUDERA”.

“WARABIMOCHI” is a traditional Japanese desert. Warabi is a natural grass root and with starch and water and sugar, you can really taste the traditional Japanese deserts.




This warabimochi will literally melt in your mouth with a firm essence of the mochi andenjoying a big piece with flour is the way to experience this desert.

Also, They have another nice japanese sweets, Amazake.