Ichijiku (無花果) / Great foods from Kyushu - Tokyo JAPANESE

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NAME : Ichijiku (赤坂 無花果)

ADDRESS : 3-9-1 Akasaka, Minato, Tokyo MAP >

STATION : Akasaka-mitsuke station (1 min. walk), Akasaka station (14 min. walk)

TIME : 17:00-23:15

BUDGET : around ¥1,000-¥4,000

Very stylish with authentic Japanese atmosphere. 1 minute from “Akasaka Mitsuke Station”. If you would like to have great Japanese food and hospitality, this is the good place.

The creative Japanese dishes from Kyushu, seafood ingredients are from Nagasaki, Gotoh Islands. Very fresh Sashimi, any plate on the menu is worth a try. Also a very wide variety of Beer and Shochu and other alcohol beverages to go along with your meal.




There is a open kitchen counter seats, tables seats and private room to enjoy.