Ohitsuzen- Tanbo (おひつ膳 田んぼ) / Great Japanese Rice JAPANESE

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NAME : Ohitsuzen- Tanbo (おひつ膳 田んぼ)

ADDRESS : 49-5 #B1F, Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo MAP >

STATION : Omotesando station (10mi. walk), Shibuya station (15 min. walk)

TIME : Tue-Sun 18:00~24:00

BUDGET : around ¥1,500-¥3,000

If you wan the best of Japanese Rice, this place is it. Ohitsuzen is a name of the meal and Tanbo means the farms growing rice.The famous rice brand called Koshihikari made in Niigata is paired up with fresh fish to make a meal called “Ohitsuzen”.

It is not only cooked fish but with chicken breast, tuna, and many other side dishes in the set. The casual way of eating this meal is eat the side dishes with rice and after half of the rice is consumed, then pour Tea or put Miso into it to make a “Ochazuke” meal.




All ingredients such as natural soy sauce, Additive free Miso, and natural salt, the famous Ariake Sea Weed are all part of the dishes to enjoy the main course which is rice.

If you are looking for a typical Japanese home meal and style this place is highly recommended. There are few shops within the Tokyo area suhc as, Yoyogi Station, Omote-Sando Station, Shinjuku Station. The following map is the Omote-Sando area and there are many fashion shops, select shops near-by.