d47shokudo (d47 食堂) / Local Japanese food in Shibuya JAPANESE

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NAME : d47shokudo (d47 食堂)

ADDRESS : 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo MAP >

STATION : Shibuya station (directly)

TIME : 11:00-23:00

BUDGET : around ¥1,000-¥3,000

If you want to eat all kinds of dishes in Tokyo, this is the place. It is located in center of “Shibuya” on the 8th floor of Hikarie Bldg. You can try all kinds of local dishes as a set menu and also purchase the local ingredients. With a spectacular view of Shibuya from the 8th floor.




On the same floor, there are also the “d47 Museum” and “d design travel” with interesting projects and galleries, which also you can enjoy Japan’s local and traditional goods with daily goods for purchase.


These concept shops are based on “D&Department Project” by Mr. Nagao Kenmei’s concept and definetly worth a look to see and learn interesting side of Japan.