Nanaharu (なな治) / The true delicious Japanese - Kyoto JAPANESE

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NAME : Nanaharu (なな治)

ADDRESS : Nishikiyamachi-dori rokkaku-nishi-hairu Nakagyo, Kyoto, Kyoto MAP >

STATION : Keihan Sanjo station (7 min. walk), Kawaramachi station (7 min. walk)

TIME : 18:00-23:00


There is a restaurant in Kyoto in Kawarachou-Sanjyou named "Nana-Haru" As soon as you enter through the "Noren" which is a shop curtain at the entrance, The Master and the madam will welcome you with their warm smile and you can Already start to feel the "Omotenashi"

All dishes created by the master of Nana-En, uses the best ingredients which is prepared everyday, and who have a deep understanding of each ingredients and the combination to create a high quality dishes. It is almost as an art form considering the time and theory spent to prepare such dishes.



Once you taste these high quality dishes with the help of the craftsmanship that the master will put into the dishes, you will taste a meal that will be memorable for life.

The menu have some variety, the daily course which changes everyday, and the Commonly popular courses which uses a great balance of Fish, Meat and vegetables. They also have a wide selection of Japanese "Sake" which they will recommend the type of Sake to go best with based on your course of meal.



An example from the menu,
Fride vegetables and meat on skewer, the master is always observing your pace of eating and Will supply you the best taste skewer at a great timing one by one.

A popular Skewer is "Green Bean Cream Croquette" This uses a very soft grean beans cream which is covered in a very crispy covering.

Also a combination of yam also covered in the crispy covering but inside there is a slight taste of Walleye Pollack Roe.


Another example is using different sizes of Brussels Sprouts, but wrapping beef to enjoy the combination of tastes.

On a daily base all ingredients changes, whatever you choose, guarantee that A very deep thought in the process and the combination has been applied to Prepare such course and it is not something you will regret.

Another popular menu is "ODEN" which is vegetables, fish dumplings and various other articles of food stewed in a thin soy soup.




The taste is certainly original and many people are great fan of this Menu. Miso Based Wheat Starch is also another taste you will not forget. A hand mased Whit Miso bases with walnuts can be enjoyed even eating it Directly. It is a such a kind taste, and eating with this warm wheat starch. You can really enjoy the balance of tastes.

The restaurant have one table seat and the counter seat. It is pretty crowded with the regulars, but really have a warm atmosphere. Even you meet for the first time, It feels like you have been friends for a long time. This warm atmosphere is also another great part of the restaurants service.