Hormone Shibaura (ホルモン しばうら) / Great Japanese B.B.Q. JAPANESE

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NAME : Hormone Shibaura (ホルモン しばうら)

ADDRESS : 5-25-12, Sinsaku, Takatsu, Kawasaki, Kanagawa MAP >

STATION : Musashi-shinjyo station (5min. walk) (Nanbu line)

TIME : Mon-Sat 17:00-4:00 a.m. / Sun, Holidays 17:00-24:00

BUDGET : around ¥3,000-¥4,000

If you want have great and casual Japanese BBQ place near Kawasaki, this is the place to be.
By BBQ on high quality charcol, each meat quality can be trully enjoyed even better.

These plucks have no smell and all are really fresh.




They have a wide variety of meat available, so it can be enjyed in many different ways. Normally you can choose the meat with either salt base or sauce base.

On weekends, this place is packed ! Therefore, a reservation is highly recommended. The staff are very friendly and it is a comfortable environment.