Kitakamakura - Gihei (北鎌倉 儀平) / Japanese manjyu JAPANESE

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NAME : Kitakamakura - Gihei (北鎌倉 儀平)

ADDRESS : 495-9 Yamanouchi, Kamakura, Kanagawa MAP >

STATION : Kita kamakura

TIME : ask


If you are in Kitakamakura and you want to try “Japanese traditional sweet” this is the place to go, "Gihei" where is nearby the Kitakamakura station.

The famous sweet of Gihei is “Usukawa manjyu”. It made of flour and beans paste. Usually, Japanese beans paste of snacks is sweet taste, but this “Usukawa manjyu” is not too sweet. The simple ingredient and un-sweeted beans paste make us healther than cakes.




They have a tea space as well. So, you can have relax time with Japanse Green tea or Coffee, and more. Also, you can buy some sweets as souvenir. “Karinto manjyu” is very good also.