Café Hamaguri-Dou (はまぐり堂) / Cozy warm place - Miyagi JAPANESE

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NAME : Café Hamaguri-Dou (はまぐり堂)

ADDRESS : 18 Hamaguri-hama, Momonoura, Miyagi, Japan MAP >

STATION : Bus from Ishinomaki station. Bus station: Hamaguri-hama

TIME : 10:30-17:00

BUDGET : around ¥1,000-¥2,000

In Miygagi Prefecture, Ishinomaki City where the Hamaguri Beach is visible on the hill, there stands the Café Hamaguri-Dou. The owner have experienced the 2011 earthquake tragedy, but has over come the hardship by modifying the grandparents old house into a café.



Some how maybe because it was a loving home, the café greets you with a warm atmosphere. The old traditional building with a nice sense of decorative playfulness of the owner creates a comfortable environment.

You can play “GO” which is a old traditional Japanese Chess game by the porch. The view from the window to overlook the Hamaguri Beach is a nice view. Here you can enjoy coffee and meal and enjoy the time passing. The lunch is a Ongiri(Rice ball) Set and also can enjoy local deer meat curry.



Not only the meal it self, but there is a taste of dishes used to present each meal and drink. It is a local popular spot, but it is definetly worth a look. At Hamaguri Beach, there are all kinds of nature adventure such as tree house experience.

Again recommended in the warm weather, but here you can feel and enjoy seasons.