Kyoto Hannariya (京都はんなり屋) TRADITIONAL

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NAME : Kyoto Hannariya (京都はんなり屋)

ADDRESS : 735 Shingamancho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto MAP >

STATION : Shijyo station (5min. walk), Hankyu-kyoto line, Karashuma station (5min. walk)

TIME : 11:00-19:00


If you want to wear the traditional Japanese Kimono and walk around the streets of Kyoto, Kyoto Hannariya will make your wishes come true.

The store it self will express the time passed by with very traditional Japanese style home.




The 1st floor is antiques and kimono and accessories. Variety of rare items are available and almost feels like a little treasure hunt. You can also enjoy older items colors variety. Even old items sometime have very fresh trendy feelings.

The 2nd floor is rental for antique kimono. All together maybe 250 kimono are available to rent.


Three plans are available. (3,500 JP Yen, 4,980 JP Yen and 5,980 JP Yen) And you can even return it on the next day (1,000 JP Yen). Extra 1,020 Yen, you can also set your hair to match the kimono fashion.

They also have mens kimono available. So perfect for couples to walk the old streets of Kyoto in old traditional style.

Official web (Japanese) >